Wear Colour In This Fall Through Unique Way

Feeling Capricious? The lower temperatures and dark days of autumn are a little less cheerful than the rest of the year, and most people’s winter wardrobe tends to be generally dark or neutral. Am I right? But to action the autumn blues, I think Mind over matter is the best strategy. And what could be better than to dress in the cold season than to add color to your outfit? I highlighted some of my best bright autumn outfits and chose the key piece for each piece in order to recreate the “Wear Colour” Look myself. With such fun outfits, the winter blues have no Chance, do they?

Dare to give everything

Recently, I came across a few winter outfits that are completely opposite to the usual dark color scheme, with light shades of yellow and red. For example, when I look at this outfit, I smile. Whether you are the kind of person who saves bright colors for special occasions or you want to wear a rainbow every day, a bright splash is a perfect way to dress up the way you want, don’t you think? If you add pieces of primary color to your wardrobe, it is impossible to blend in with the cement and brick tones of the city streets. Personal style is all about a little bit (or a lot if you ask me) of extra flair. Red, blue and yellow are all bright colors in themselves, but when mixed, they can become a chic primary rainbow outfit. This coat is actually Jonathan Cohen Studio and the Phillip Lim 3.1 bag.

Some essential elements

I’m passionate with this orange button I got recently. (Have you seen this Youtube video in which I showed it to you?) It works as a shirt, an over-shirt and a mini dress.

You also can’t sleep on the green suit I received (and showed in this video), which is absolutely gorgeous. This trend of bright colors for Autumn-Winter vibrates with me. It’s a very happy attitude. Just because it’s cold does not mean that your wardrobe should be set on an all-black, gray and navy Palette.

It’s in the Accessories

A bright Accessory will add a touch of cheerfulness to the wardrobe of your Season if you are looking for something more discreet. From colorful beanies to eye-catching pockets, these vibrant embellishments lend a playful feel to otherwise buttoned-up outfits. And this is a tip that you can easily apply to our own wardrobe. This is what I call an invigorating outfit! (Even this Denim maxi skirt I’m wearing is Chef’s peck! This is the back slit detail for me!)


You can balance the strong shade with darker pieces. In both outfits, neutrals more than make up for the statement piece.

Of course, you can give in to wearing black (if we’re late, we probably don’t have time to think about color schemes), and although it’s nice to get back to that familiar shade, I feel like these Looks are sometimes rushed and more snoozy compared to my bold and bright styles. You’ll enjoy pushing your limits a little, and the process will actually help you gain more confidence in your outfits. 10/10 would recommend to get out of your bubble of dark clothes and buy all the living parts.

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