Various Pieces That Nails In Tomboy Style

If you follow me at all, you’re probably aware of my style preference: tomboy. Always feminine, but always with unexpected masculine elements to tie the look. This gives me confidence and, above all, myself. The fashion inspired by men’s fashion is always in fashion, I would say. I personally love to see women on the street wearing at least one piece of clothing or accessory borrowed from the men’s fashion department (if you haven’t seen my Youtube series, what everyone in New York is wearing, do it). Of course, if you are a beginner in this trend, it’s better to start with the classic brogues and basics of men’s fashion, such as tailored trousers, oversized blazers or outerwear (which you really should invest in!) the Unisex appearance. Keep scrolling to discover 5 key pieces to nail the tomboy style.

Oversize Blazer

Oversize wool blazers not only offer the same look as their cotton counterparts (the boxy, draped on the shoulders), but also add a touch of warmth due to their lightness. It’s win-win; style and substance. Take a look at my favorites in the carousel below.

Wool Coat / Trench coat

The temperatures are falling and that means we all have to start dressing for the middle of winter. That means a sturdy trench coat or even a wool coat, depending on the freshness of your hometown. Choosing your autumn/winter accessories requires a balance between warmth and style. Fortunately, the trend for boxy peacoats and oversized trench coats is not going anywhere. When in doubt, opt for the dark.

If you already have a lot of navy blue, eye-catching color photos should make a good statement. Outerwear for men will make you look cool with little or no effort, believe me.

Boyfriend Jeans

Comfort is the key. Who is with me ? You can’t go wrong with a good pair of blue jeans – and I like loose-fitting boyfriend jeans in an average wash. The loose and sometimes oversized silhouette is always casual, which makes it a must-have jeans that are comfortable enough to live from day to day. Boyfriend, baggy jeans have all the bindings to become your new must-have. If you are going for that casual and cool aesthetic that has brought jeans to your favorite place in closets around the world, look no further than this style. Although the general rule is that these pants are oversized to some extent, there are a number of silhouettes, and no matter what the design is, boyfriend jeans is still classic. It is a style to be shot for the seasons to come, which means a good investment.

Oxford Shoes

The star of all outfits : Thick brogues. They add an element of dimensional design, height and elegance to the otherwise casual look. Who needs a pair of heels to make a statement anyway? The sole is the avant-garde touch that we need with such a sophisticated and classic design. Considering the comfort and style, these shoes work perfectly, as they meet at the intersection of formal and casual.

Pants Suit

The art of tomboy style begins with raising its foundations. And casual, but also refined trousers are one of the most important plots. A nice tailor pants will do everything you wear well, whether you combine it with a simple knitted top like mine, a chain collar, a thick knit or a pair of sneakers. However, for the colder months, it’s nice to have a few pairs in heavier fabrics, such as wool. Below is a selection of casual fitted pants that are ready to be the hero of all your fall/winter tomboy sets. (Because I know you’re wondering, this bag I’m carrying is Kate Spade.)

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