Some Looks That Celebrate Statement Shoulders

Tell me that you like statement shoulders without telling me that you like statement shoulders. That is the topic of this post. My favorite look. For some reason, the bold shoulders feel confident and ready to face the world. The trend, which began as an allusion to the 80s, definitely took on a life of its own. These voluminous silhouettes are on every shopping list, social media feeds and collection, right? What not to love? They evoke a sense of power and a mood of I-know-what-I-do. Bold shoulders do not flee from the headlights. Spectacular sleeves and daring shoulders have overflowed the catwalks in all fabrics, shapes and forms and I’m here for that. In this post, I’ll give you five ways to tilt that shoulder. Including one of my recent acquisitions, the Isabel Marant vest-this is.. peck of the boss! (By the way, have you seen the video in which I showed you my finds in Paris/London? It’s on youtube !)


The tank top is a must-have. But why not give the zhuzh a little by adding a padded shoulder? It immediately becomes more interesting. It is no longer a boring piece, it is now something that you can easily put on or lower. Basics with a touch of how you like them.


Are we rushing to a maximalist era? Significantly wide or high padded shoulders, with or without puff sleeves, are in the foreground in street style. Especially blazers with oversized shoulders are found in all online retailers. But let me tell you something, the best you can find are in the secondhand men section. You heard it here first.


I like to play with proportions when wearing a monochrome look. Did you know that broad shoulders can be a great way to create a balanced look for those with a small upper body and a wider lower body? Do you see how a seemingly simple sweatshirt is an instant head turner and has a strong figure?


We love a good look on the move. I posted this on my Instagram recently, and they loved the look. Honestly, I’m not going to take it away so quickly. The formula: smiling baseball cap (just a funny detail), vest with bared shoulders (here in a delicious cream color, which I also had), a sweatshirt with epaulets, black leather pants, ankle boots and, as a crown, a contrasting camel bag. The vest is what really unites the look.

I love the military tomboy feeling. I found similar options for you here, here and here. The vest has become an important part of my wardrobe due to its versatility. You can put it over a sweatshirt or sweater, but you can also wear it under a winter coat – for more warmth and dimension. If you don’t own one yet, it’s time to get your hands on it! Take a look at the carousel below for some other pieces I found (with different prices).


Always trust the power of a dress with solid shoulders — and dresses are no exception to this statement.

While the trend of exaggerated shoulders extends across many clothing categories, if you don’t want my advice, I would say that investing in a hero piece like a blazer or a vest with padded shoulders offers maximum benefit!

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