Pick Up Your Knitwear Game To The Next Level

Knitted sweaters have always been a must-have in autumn/winter. But in 2021, our knitting set will receive an alternative boost. From knitted bras to short tops to sweater vests and all kinds of cardigans- these are sure to bring out your outfits in the right way!

Whether you prefer to stay in a more traditional look or feel ready to take a fashionable leap, I’ve put together my best sweater-weather looks and where to shop the trends. Some of them resume the last year, but others feel new and exciting. Oh, we love a good texture!

Knitted bras / short tops

Autumn/winter is the best time to experiment with diapers and present the most imaginative looks.

Sweaters, vests

Knitted vests should be as popular as last winter. I would take the trend to the next level with retro weavings. If it looks vintage, it fits on my card. Why not invest in an authentic vintage piece to really nail the look? But if you are on the inconspicuous side of things, you will be so worn out by this Frankie Shop wool blend sports vest (the price is really good and the chocolate color is just the chef’s peck!)


Just because we are going into autumn, it does not mean that you need to turn your back on the saturated shades. Look at this cardigan I found on MyTheresa: just gorgeous (lovers of the orange !). Cardigans here come in all forms: short, ballet-style enveloped, tight-fitting, maxi, oversize, fur trim. They are a wardrobe statement no matter what shape you choose. You can opt for the cardi-as-top version of this trend or opt for the more casual version, i.e. thick cardigans worn open as a daring overlay. How cool is this Kardi chessboard courtesy of Free People?

Knitwear cut out

Even our mesh drawer is not immune to the love of cutting for 2021. This is the best autumn/winter update on the classic ‘jeans and a nice top’, I tell you. The neckline adds the spice that we all need in our lives.

Arts and Crafts Knitwear

Widely considered a summer trend, the hook left a big mark on the 2021 style agenda. If you have not invested yet, focus on thicker and heavier weaves with minimal gaps so that they can better withstand the seasonal cold. The key here is: if it doesn’t look like your nan knitted it for you, then it’s not good.

Thick knitwear

Say what you want about the season – shorter days, darker nights, stormy weather – but you can not beat the fact that you will be wrapped in an extremely thick knit. It’s like a hug, a blanket, a cup of tea and an evening by the fireplace, all in one. The undisputed queen of thick knitwear is Hope Macaulay, a Northern Irish designer you’ve probably already seen on Instagram. In addition, the beloved Harry Styles himself wore a really cute patchwork knit – which I found (similarly) on etsy.

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