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If you’re lucky, travel to a winter wonderland full of skiing and hot chocolate! But I also bring the Après-Ski edition to town! I’m talking about Fairisle knitwear, sheepskin-lined boots, padded jackets, and much more! Go away with this hideous Christmas sweater! These iconic styles are the perfect balance between style and winter comfort. This begs the question, Are you In The Mood for Winter?

Fairisle Knit

Coming from Fair Isle (a small island in the North of Scotland), Fairisle knitwear has become an Après-Ski uniform. Their intricate pattern and endless color combinations mean that there is a Fairisle knit for everyone!

When I see fashion stylists and bloggers wearing this type of sweater, I really feel like winter has arrived! Whether you are relaxing on the slopes or in the city, simply pair it with your favorite jeans or wear it over a white collared shirt. Sit back and let the pattern do the talking!

Winter coat

In winter, coats are pretty much what someone sees 80% of the time. That’s why it’s so important to properly make outerwear (especially coats) – they are now your whole outfit!

And there is no irritating feeling than wearing a great outfit, but the coat is not quite suitable. I have listed some of my favorite padded and sheepskin coats below! If you are looking for more Inspiration for tampon jackets, read this article I wrote!

Winter boots

Has anyone said anything yet? There is nothing more beautiful than a sheepskin and thick action boot for the winter! You probably know my lifelong passion with a good action boot (and for good reason!) Although lambskin-lined winter accessories have really declined this year (see my Telfar bag I’m wearing above). Sheepskin boots not only give you comfortable winter energy, they also keep your feet warmer than most! What kind of boots are you wearing this winter?

Winter Accessories

Scarves and gloves should not be not found! It’s too easy to wear these gloves on the back of your wardrobe, even if you only have a few winters. I say, keep them! But what I like to do is keep two pairs: one for winter activities and the other for my outfits. It’s as if I explained about coats, mismatched gloves can take away the charm of the whole Look!

Below I have listed some gloves and scarves to inspire your Outwear Fashion style. Those of you who are a fan of color will be delighted that multi-colored woolen scarves are very popular this year! Wear them as a color accent to your overall outfit and let the compliments overflow in!

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