All About Puffer And Quilted Jackets Saviours

Puff and quilted jackets are our wardrobe bases to survive the cold of winter. Contrary to popular belief, there is more than what appeals to the eye when it comes to this type of jacket/coat. Firstly, these options will keep you warm (practicality is at the top of our list), but they must be fashionable and work perfectly with our existing cabinet. No dead weight please. I was looking for by far the best padded coats of the season. Warm coats on them have never been so beautiful. (Don’t forget to check this and this blog post for a complete picture of this season’s best coats!!)

Fluffy and quilted coats along the entire length

Long padded coats are my favorites! They are really wrapped in warmth from head to toe. It may be that you feel like you are wearing the duvet of your bedroom (not a bad feeling!), but it doesn’t look like it ! They serve as an elegant outer shell, which means that this kind of style works well as a statement coat! And you save minutes by not having to worry about whether what you are wearing under it will fit (no one sees it!).

The best way to style this type of coat is to make your shoes stand out. A personal favorite combination is long fluffy / quilted coats with action boots up to the knees! Cool, edgy, robust with a hint of grunge.

Short puff and quilted jackets

Short puffer jackets have taken winter fashion 2021 by storm. It is not difficult to understand why. They make perfect use of some of the most popular trends of the year. A simple puff jacket is perfect for lovers of oversized clothes, fans of casual wear and fans of streetwear. In other words, this style is casual and cool!

To style this type of jacket like a professional, pay attention to your jeans or trousers. So that you are not overwhelmed by the jacket, try to combine it with stockings that make something more (like jeans with a split hem or structural cargo pants). Also, don’t be afraid to add some color by using this area too! Long skirts also serve well here. Use it to really show off your personality while using the thick top layer to the advantage of your style.

Colorful options

Black bouffant/quilted coats may be the norm, but they don’t have to be yours! I’ve seen padded coats and jackets as a color accent, and I love it! This reminds me of the tendency to dopamine accumulation that we saw at the beginning of the year. Color is really good for us, and a broader statement is all the better!

If you like color this winter, try a colorful padded jacket and balance it with neutral pants. If you want a little more color coordination, focus on hat accessories or shoes. This style will certainly get rid of the bruises of winter.

Neutral tones

Quilted jackets in neutral tones are far from simple! Overlay this type of coat with other neutral color combinations and watch your winter fashion rise by one level. The tonal overlay really brings out that softness and sophistication (ideal for those who prefer this type of style! And if it’s too neutral, inject some color through accessories like your scarf or bag. You win the Winter Coats game!

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